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    • Mandate of Council Formation

      Formation of the Supreme Council and National Center for Cyberspace by Order of the Supreme Leader and
      Appointment of Legal and Natural Members
      Supreme Leader’s Appointment Letter

      In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

      the increasing development of the information and communication technologies, particularly the Internet and its significant effects in the personal and social living dimensions, and also the need for broad and purposeful investment for making the most use of internet’s opportunity for Iran’s full progress, in addition to giving broad and useful services to people, and equally the necessity for continuous planning and coordination for the purpose of being protected from the internet’s damages, would entail the formation of a concentrated focal point for policy making, decision making and coordination in the country’s cyberspace. To this occasion the Supreme Council for Cyberspace of the country, is to be formed with sufficient authority, and headed by the president. This is also needed that its whole approvals be legally effected. The legal members of this council include: President (head of the Supreme Council for Cyberspace) Speaker of the Parliament, head of the Judicial System, head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, secretory of Supreme Council and head of the Center, the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Minster of Science, Research and Technology, The Minister of State Security, the President of Iranian Parliament Committee on Culture, the head of the Islamic Publicity Organization, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the chief commander of Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran. The natural members include: Messrs. Dr. Hamid Shahriari, Dr. javad mazloumi, Masoud Aboutalebi, Dr. Kamyar Saghafi, Dr. Rasoul Jalili, Dr. Mohammad Sarafraz and Alireza Shah-mirzaee who have been appointed for 3 years. This council is obliged to form a center named the National Center for Cyberspace, so that a full and updated authority over cyberspace is wield at the national and international level; and thus decision making over how the country could actively and wisely come across this issue in terms of hardware, software and content might be achieved in the framework of the Supreme Council approvals and equally the supervision over the exact performance of decisions at all levels. The substantial points over the tasks of the Supreme Council and the National Center for Cyberspace, with an emphasis on serious attention to that would be stated in the following. At the end, beside the acceleration which is required in the formation of the National Center for Cyberspace, I expect the respectable head and the members of the Council to make a great attempt in getting the center to achieve the specified goals. All country’s organizations are obliged to have a comprehensive cooperation with the center.

      Seyed Ali Khamenei
      March 8, 2012
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