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    • Aims and Policies

      Aims and Policies of Iran’s National Center for

      • To encounter actively and innovatively with cyberspace at national and international level, and development of that to the extent of government’s certain readiness for using opportunities and confronting with threats.
      • To minimize the country’s reliance or dependency on other countries, in terms of using cyberspace and its subjects in the technical arenas
      • Content enrichment and presenting local services in order to meet internal needs to the maximum.
      • Public education and culture-making for enhancing internet literacy, people’s awareness about cyberspace risks, and motivating people for encountering its risks in the social and personal life.
      • Giving priority to content than to infrastructures, frames, internet services; and also high and constant investment on broad and growing generation of interesting content based on real Islam and Islamic revolution discourse.
      • The maximum partnership of public resources and associations committed to a comparative space, so as to make the optimal use of the opportunities.
      • Innovative presence of IRI in cyberspace in terms of hardware and software and, specifically for introducing new, powerful and attractive services.
      • Organizing global information sharing
      • Providing the required conditions so that the country’s cyberspace then might achieve the highest level of security and safety for the majority of people, regime, and all of those who play a part in the cyberspace.
      • To consider the condition of culture war and subsequently dominating the endeavor (Jihad) spirits, and interaction development among all organizations and public forces at the best level of coordination and solidarity.
      • Creating the required readiness at the best level for the purpose of protecting the important infrastructures against cyber-attacks and proper defense against any type of attack.
      • Maximum use of cyberspace for the broad and purposeful relations and cooperation with nations particularly Muslim nations so as to promote and achieve the Islamic revolution discourse.
      • powerful and purposeful presence of regime in global assemblies and organizations, and building powerful coalitions consisting of nations and states so as to decline the governance or dominance of great powers in terms of the internet, and also making a fair and ethical context so that this tool might be well used by the whole nations and states; as well as providing Iranian nations’ rights in this arena.
majazi latin subportal