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    • An Explanation of the Tasks and Authorities of the National Center for Cyberspace

      An Explanation of the Tasks and Authorities of the
      National Center for Cyberspace

      • Supervision and evaluation in the whole dimensions of the country’s cyberspace, in the framework of the approved schemes of the Supreme Council.
      • Planning for powerful and constant presence in the global assemblies pertaining to cyberspace, for the purpose of preserving the national rights and profits, innovation and development of interactions among aligned states so as to make cyberspace safe and secure, and providing conditions through which all countries, based on the national governance and justice, might be able to use this space in the framework of the Supreme council approvals.
      • Management of recognizing cyber-attacks to the country, and defending the important infrastructures against cyber-attacks.
      • Performing constant strategic studies and future studies so as to confront wisely and in advanced with the cyberspace transitions in Iran and the world.
      • Codification of the comprehensive plan for the development of information and communication technology, 5 year plans for the development of cyberspace and determining scientific and technological priorities for the country’s cyberspace.
      • Sharing and distribution of the budget designated for great or ultra-organizational schemes approved by the Supreme Council, through credit notification or the other ways approved by the country’s Supreme Council of law.
      • Policy making, macro planning, systematization, supervision and evaluation in all dimensions of the country’s cyberspace.
      • Organization and systemization of all technical, content and service dimensions in the cyberspace.
      • National work-sharing, coordination and synergy in the country’s cyberspace, in all dimensions i.e. technical, security, scientific, contextual, economic, commercial, legal, police, defensive the etc. and also constant supervision and control over organizations and public sections in this field; and in accordance with the approvals of the Supreme Council.
      • Wisely, systematic and constant supervision of opportunities and threats of the cyberspace for the country, and taking the required measures for timely and innovative confrontation with them.
      • Macro planning for identifying and activating the internal capacities in order to generate soft power; as well as serious confrontation with opportunities and soft threats in the country’s cyberspace for the purpose of development of real Islam and Islamic revolution discourse.
      • Planning for the purposeful development of communication and world-wide cooperation with nations including elites and common people through cyberspace and in the framework of Islamic revolution.
      • Making aims and policies of the Center to come true, and supervision over their wellness according to the approvals of the Cyberspace Supreme Council.
      • To studying and ratify macro plans pertaining to the country’s cyberspace i.e. the national network for information, IPTV and IP MEDIA , and constant supervision over them.
      *according to the statute of the National Center for Cyberspace approved on July 22, 2012 , Cyberspace Supreme Council An Explanation of the Tasks and Authorities of the National Center for Cyberspace
      • Planning and organizing users, associations and public institutions’ broad and purposeful participation for content generation and active service-giving in the country’s cyberspace.
      • Constant encouragement of private section for right and controlled log-in into the country’s cyberspace for the enhancement of service–giving to people, development of businesses and jab-making in the country.
      • Planning, organizing, systematizing filter-out of Iran’s cyberspace content, and constant supervision over that.
      • Organizing the security of the country’s cyberspace in normal conditions and crisis conditions, and also provision and ratification of regulations’ rules, and instructions needed in this field, and also the constant supervision over the wellness of their performance
      • Suggesting overall policies of 5 year plans system in terms of development, vacancies and legal deficiencies related to the country’s cyberspace.
      • Provision and ratification of rules and the executive regulations required in the cyberspace, and supervision over the wellness of their performance.
      • Needs Assessment and determining scientific and technological priorities for cyberspace, and also paving the way for development of scientific and technological innovations in this arena.
      • Provision and ratification of national indices for the development of the information and communication technologies in Iran and constant assessment of the country’s status and its ranking, and also permanent study and evaluation of the country’s position in the world on the ground of international valid indices.
      • Provision and ratification of the budget designated for great or ultra-organizational schemes approved by the center, and sharing and distribution of that among the organizations and the related sections.
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