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    • Congratulatory Message by the Secretary Supreme Council of Cyberspace on the Occasion of 2020
      Congratulatory Message by the Secretary Supreme Council of Cyberspace on the Occasion of 2020

      I hereby wish my Christian countrymen and the global Christian community a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

      More than ever before, the comity of nations is in need of messages and ideals of Divine Prophets, which is belief in God, seeking peace, justice, fraternity and fighting injustice, discrimination and ignorance.
      Today as the world is struggling with a range of crisis and moral, social, cultural and economic challenges, some seek to spread discord and violence and in the process tarnish human greatness.
      It is our conviction that cyberspace, as a novel environment for building global relations and interaction, should not be abused for such threats and vulnerabilities vis-à-vis human society.
      With harmony and cooperation, it is for all nations to undertake efforts to avail themselves wisely and with fairness of the opportunities cyberspace offers. And by the same token, abstain from its threats and dangers, and sagaciously strive for a roadmap to draw on this new space in the interest of peace, security, progress and welfare across continents.
      We believe that in today’s hyperconnected world, innovation and high-tech have led to deep and rapid developments on the global economic, political, cultural and social landscape. As such, return to the great ideals and teachings of Divine Prophets is the only way to salvation and exaltation of mankind.
      It merits mention that promotion of peace and justice will not be possible without collective efforts and benefiting from the doctrines of Abrahimic faiths, endeavoring for the exaltation of humankind and taking steps towards the realization of natural and inborn instincts of humankind for tranquility and welfare.
      Bulding and strengthening international cooperation among stakeholders of cyberspace can, and will, play a pronounced role in reciprocal understanding, create a better world and inclusive progress of nations on the basis of ethics and justice.
      It is hoped that with mutual cooperation we will be able to fulfill our joint responsibility in putting an end to injustice, discrimination and tyranny, and move in the direction of nurturing peace and justice in today’s physical world and the cyberspace environment, which apparently is intertwined with the physical world.
      I hope we will be able to take bigger steps towards spreading peace, justice, morality and fraternity, and likewise curb inequality in global cyberspace.
      We look forward to consultations and interaction among experts, scholars and followers of divine faiths for moving towards a transparent, peaceful and ethics-based cyberspace in 2020 in the interest of humankind, development of human society and devoid of threats and vulnerabilities.

      Abolhassan Firouzabadi
      Secretary of Iran’s Super
      Council of Cyberspace

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